Welcome to the Troopers!

Your interest in joining the Troopers shows you have the attitude and desire to be a part of one of the most admired and respected drum corps in the world.

We know what it’s like. We’ve been there.

There was a day when we sat in the crowd, just like you, thrilled by the sight and sounds of the drum corps on the field. And just like you, we asked ourselves: What’s it like? Do I have what it takes?

We get it. There’s nothing you want more than to be on that field. We also understand that “audition” can be an intimidating word.

Relax. The Troopers want you to experience world-class drum and bugle corps without all the pressure. We invite you to the Troopers Experience.

The Troopers Experience is three days with the Casper Troopers, alongside the veteran members of America’s Corps. You get it all: The four-hour blocks. The visual basics. The sectionals. The full ensemble. The nights on the gym floor.

And let’s not forget that world-class drum corps food!

You will receive instruction from the Troopers’ renowned brass, percussion, and visual faculty. You will receive, and play from, the same music. You will meet Troopers vets, and will see for yourself their honor, loyalty and dedication. You will learn, from the instructors and the Troopers vets, how to bring out your best. You will return to your band as a better performer, with greater skills and confidence -- the confidence to audition when you feel you’re ready. Of course, it wouldn’t be drum corps without the T-shirt, so you’ll return with one of those, too.

Most importantly, you will leave with a greater sense of what you are capable of achieving. We’re willing to bet that it’s a lot more than you think. We know; We’ve lived the Troopers Experience, and it has taught us that we can, working together, achieve world-class excellence.

The Troopers Experience may be the best weekend of your life. Sign up and join us.

Audition Poster

Click on graphic to download the audition poster to print and hang up.

Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions.

Mike Ottoes
Executive Director
Fred Morris
Corps Director
(307) 472-2141
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